16 - 19 AUGUST 2018

Family music festival by the beach

Druridge Bay Country Park Northumberland

The best loved family camping music festival

Its the festival where you meet your new best friends, where you see your new favourite band, where the sun rises over the sea and sets on the lake. Its getting up early and walking through the woods and seeing the red squirrels, Or maybe paddling out in the shallow sea, looking left and right for miles and not seeing a soul on the endless beach.
 Its where you dance to the best song you ever knew played by a band having their best gig,  or pogoed to the maddest punk, or headbanged to the rockiest metal. Its hugging a friend to reggae in a tent, drinking real beer and eating good food. Its Our Coquetfest, Its your best summer weekend.


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Tel: 01748 470047


Organised by Mighty Events Ltd and Guerilla PA hire